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Ecat 186 January 2020

I can accept payment by sterling cheque, Visa, Mastercard and American Express or by direct British bank transfer. I can accept international bank transfers, but regret I will need to charge for costs imposed by banks for these transactions - typically a minimum of $30 or £15 (there is no such cost for British banks).

Prices exclude postage and packing which are charged at cost. All books are insured in transit.

Overseas orders will be sent by airmail via the Print Direct (formerly M-bag) system which is not tracked, but is cost efficient. The minimum weight for this service is 1.5 kilos which may mean that an order is bulked out with additional printed material. Bizarrely this added weight reduces the cost of postage. Print Direct really comes into its own for multi-book parcels.

Books can be sent by surface mail if preferred, but this is more expensive. Books can also be sent by a trackable service, but this will probably at least treble the cost of postage and can work out slower and from experience parcels sent "signed for" are more likely to go missing.

If books sell out and I need to re-stock, prices and descriptions may alter, but current prices will be shown on the main pages of the website.

Part One - New Acquisitions, Imminent Arrivals and Selections from Stock.

Unless stated otherwise, all books are hardbacks or paperback originals, in fine condition and are first impressions of first UK editions. A fuller description will gladly be supplied on request. Most titles in this section are on view at timkcbooks.com

Entries with asterisks indicate that these titles are being shown for the first time, shown as signed for the first time or shown for the first time in Part One.

Al Aswany, Alaa: The Dictatorship Syndrome. Haus 2019.  How do dictatorships emerge? £12.99


***Alben, Astrid: Plainspeak. Prototype 2019. Signed by the author. A new collection of poems. £18.00


Apostol, Gina: Insurrecto. Fitzcarraldo 2019. A novel set in a largely forgotten war between the Philippines and the USA. £12.99


******Azar, Shokoofeh: The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree. Europa. A novel set amidst the 1979 Iranian Islamic revolution £13.99


Ball, Jessie: The Diver's Game. Granta 2019. A dystopian allegory. £14.99


***Cander, Chris: The Weight of a Piano. Europa 2020. A piano gets lost in transit. £12.99


***Coetzee, J M: The Death of Jesus. Harvill Secker. Probably the last in the Jesus series.  £18.99


***Dangarembga, Tsitsi: This Mournable Body. Faber 2020. A young woman struggles in Zimbabwe. £14.99


***Deane, John F: Like the Dewfall. Guillemot Press 2019. Signed by the author. Illustrated by Tony Martin. A collection of poems inspired by Olivier Messiaen. £12.00


Fosse, Jon: The Other Name - Septology I-II. Fitzcarraldo 2019. A Norwegian artist reflects on his life.  £12.99


Galvin, Cathy: Walking the Coventry Ring Road with Lady Godiva. Guillemot Press 2019. A collection of poems. £8.00


Hall, Sarah: Sudden Traveller. Faber 2019. A new collection of short stories. £12.99


Haratischvili, Nino: The Eighth Life (for Brilka). Scribe 2019.  A Georgian family has to decide as the Russian Revolution approaches. £20.00


***Harsent, David: Loss. Faber 2020. A new poetry collection. £14.99 (Copies signed and dated by the author at the launch event  £25.00)


***Harvey, Samantha: The Shapeless Unease - A Year of Not Sleeping. Jonathan Cape. A non fiction book from a novelist drawing on her own experience.  £12.99 (signed copies at a price to be confirmed will be available).


***Hrabal, Bohumil: The Tender Barbarian. Twisted Spoon Press 2019. A novel from a late Czech author. £25.00


***Kadare, Ismail: The Doll. Harvill Secker. A novelised autobiography.  £12.99


Kalule, Peter: Kalimba. Guillemot Press 2019. A collection of poems. Signed by the author. £10.00


***Kaminsky, Ilya: Deaf Republic. Faber 2019. A new collection of poems. Signed by the author. Shortlisted for the T.S. Eliot Prize. £10.99


Kandasamy, Meena: Exquisite Cadavers. Atlantic Books 2019. A novella set in contemporary London. £5.99


Klaces, Caleb: Fatherhood. Prototype 2029. A very moving account in prose and poetry of becoming a father. £18.00 (signed copies £26.00)


Krasznahorkai, Laszlo: Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming. Tuskar Rock 2019. An exiled Hungarian Baron returns home. £20.00


Litt, Toby: Patience. Galley Beggar 2019. Toby Litt is a writer undergoing something of a renaissance and this title has garnered very favourable reviews.  Signed limited edition. Paperback. £20.00.


***Lozano, Brenda: Loop. Charco Press. A hospital patient has time to think. £15.00


Mahon, Derek: A Good Read. Gallery Press 2019. A pamphlet containing 3 essays. Signed by the author. One of 125 copies for sale. £50.00


***Morgenstern, Erin: The Starless Sea. Harvill Secker 2019. A book found in a University Library leads Zachary on a voyage of discovery.  Signed by the author. £28.00


Olds, Sharon. Arias. Jonathan Cape 2019. A collection of poems celebrating a woman's organs. Shortlisted for the T.S. Eliot Prize. £12.00


Osmond, Richard: Rock, Paper, Scissors. Picador 2019. The poet's second collection.  £15.00


Oswald, Alice: Nobody. Jonathan Cape 2019. A book-length sea-related poem featuring voices from the classics . £10.00


Papachristodoulou, Astra: Stargazing. Guillemot Press 2019. A collection of poems. £6.00


***Perry, Rebecca: Beaches. Offord Road Books 2019.  A first collection of poems. £10.00


Prototype 1: Prototype 2019. Edited by Jess Chandler. The first of a projected annual anthology. Contributors include Rachael Allen, Wayne Holloway-Smith, Emily Berry, Eley Williams, Jen Calleja and S J Fowler. Large format paperback original.  £20.00


Russo, Richard: Chances Are. Allen & Unwin 2019. A group of students reunite about 45 years later. £15.99


***Smith, Ben: Doggerland; Fourth Estate 2019. A tale set in the North Sea. Signed by the author. £12.99


***Thayil, Jeet: Low. Faber 2020. Bombay - as seen by a drug addict.  £14.99


Toibin, Colm: Pale Sister: Gallery Press 2019. The author's playscript for his version of Antigone.  Hardback edition. £35.00


Vincent, Isabel: Dinner with Edward. One 2019. A couple seem to be getting it together. £12.99


Part Two - Soon to Appear Books.

The following list is a round up of the main titles to be published in the UK in the next few months. Orders for these titles are now being taken. The books will be first printings, signed (when available) and sold at cover price where possible. However, I often have to buy in books at full price from reputable sources including literary festivals I attend, so please bear in mind that the prices below are for guidance and subject to confirmation. Additionally, the cover price and publication date may be changed by the publisher before publication. There may be a delay in obtaining signed copies of some titles, and in some cases copies may not be forthcoming.

January 2020

Mengiste, Maaza: The Shadow king. Canongate. A novel set in Ethiopia in 1935 as Mussolini is threatening.  £16.99

O'Callaghan, Billy: The Boatman and Other Stories. Jonathan Cape.  As the title suggests, a short story collection. £14.99

Padel, Ruth: Beethoven Variations. Chatto & Windus. A poet's search for Beethoven.  £12.00

February 2020

Adiga, Aravind: Amnesty. Picador. An illegal immigrant faces a dilemma. £16.99

***Bazterrica, Agustina: Tender is the Flesh. Pushkin. A world in which the only safe meat is human. £12.99

Coates, ta-nehisi: The Water Dancer. Hamish Hamilton. A novel set amongst slavery plantations. £16.99

Donwood, Stanley: Bad Island. Hamish Hamilton. A graphic novel looking forward to the end of the world. £12.99

Enright, Anne: Actress. Jonathan Cape. A fictional daughter's biography of a fictional Irish actress set in Hollywood and Dublin. £16.99

Forbes, Curdella: A Tall History of Sugar. Canongate. Moshe is born with blue translucent skin. Odd for a baby in Jamaica. £14.99

Francis, Matthew: Wing. Faber. A collection of poetry celebrating air and space. £14.99

Gappah, Petina: Out of Darkness, Shining Light. Faber. A second novel from an award winning writer. £16.99

Harris, Will: Rendang. Granta. A first full collection from an exciting young poet. £10.99

MacInnes, Martin: Gathering Evidence. Atlantic. A head injury causes John to see things differently. £12.99

McBride, Eimear: Strange Hotel. Faber. A life lived in hotel rooms. £12.99

Miller, A D: Independence Square. Harvill Secker. A diplomat spots the woman who caused his downfall. £14.99

***Nam-joo, Cho: Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982. Scribner. Sexism in South Korea. £12.99

Offill, Jenny: Weather. Granta. Lizzie finds herself caught up in politics. £12.99

***Popkey, Miranda: Topics of Conversation. Serpents Tail. A woman fails to learn her lessons from bad relationships. £14.99

Slimani, Leila: Sex and Lies. Faber. A non-fiction look at Moroccan sexual politics from one of Europe's most exciting young authors. £12.99

Smith, Danez: Homie. Chatto & Windus. A new collection from an award winning poet. £10.99

Sprackland, Jean: These Silent Mansions - A Life in Graveyards. Jonathan Cape. A non-fiction work from an established poet looking at what happens in graveyards and cemeteries. £16.99

Stamm, Peter: The Sweet Indifference of the World. Granta. A novella about shared experiences. £12.99

Swift, Graham: Here We Are. Scribner.  A novel set in Brighton in 1959. £14.99

March 2020

***Armitage, Simon: Magnetic Field - The Marsden Poems. Faber. The Laureate's new collection. £14.99

***Barry, Sebastian: A Thousand Moons. Faber. Back to Tennessee - a sequel to Days Without End. Signed copies have been requested. £18.99

***Cuomo, Massimo: Beautiful. Europa Editions. The Italian author's first novel to be translated into English.  £12.99

Leviston, Frances: The Voice in my Ear. Jonathan Cape. Ten women named Claire talk about womanhood. £16.99

Lewycka, Marina: The Good, the Bad and the Little Bit Stupid. Fig Tree. Somehow George wins millions in the Kosovan lottery. £14.99

Lucas Rijneveld, Marieke: The Discomfort of the Evening. Faber. First British publication of a Dutch bestseller. £12.99

Mantel, Hilary: The Mirror & the Light: Fourth Estate. Wolf Hall Part Three. £25.00

***Mars-Jones, Adam: Box Hill. Fitzcarraldo. The author's first novel in ages. £10.99

***Matayoshi, Naoki: Spark. Pushkin Press. A cult Japanese novel.  £9.99

McAfee, Annalena: Nightshade. Harvill Secker. Eve, once an artist's muse, is now an artist herself.  £16.99

Morgan, J.O: The Martian's Regress. Jonathan Cape. A book length poem featuring a Martian returning to earth. £10.00

Paterson, Don: Zonal. Faber. A collection of Twilight Zone inspired poems from a never-not-entertaining author. £14.99

Scudamore, James: English Monsters. Jonathan Cape. The effect of a boarding school on a young boy. £16.99

Smith, Sarah Elaine: Marilou is Everywhere. Hamish Hamilton. When Marilou disappears, Cindy is keen to take her place. £12.99

***Strong Washburn, Kawai: Sharks in the Time of Saviours. Canongate. A highly anticipated debut set in Hawaii. £14.99

Tsiolkas, Christos: Damascus. Atlantic. A novel that looks at a certain conversion. £16.99

Wyld, Evie: The Bass Rock. Jonathan Cape. The story of 3 women at different times. (Rescheduled from 2019). £16.99

Yousefzada, Osman: The Go-Between. Canongate.  A multi-cultural upbringing oin Birmingham. £14.99

April 2020

Alikavazovic, Jakuta: Night as it Falls. Faber. A story about the consequences of love. £12.99

Blacklock, Mark: Hinton. Granta. A family uses science fiction as escapism. £16.99

Bradley, Nick: The Cat and the City. Atlantic. A tortoiseshell cat features in a novel set in Tokyo. £12.99

Bryce, Colette: The M Pages. Picador. A new collection of poetry. £10.99

Cha, Frances: If I had your Face. Viking. A frantic novel set in modern day Seoul. £12.99

Diaz, Natalie: Postcolonial Love Poem. Faber. A native American writes about the suffering of her people.  £10.99

***Franco, Jorge: Shooting Down Heaven. Europa Editions. A new novel from the Colombian author. £13.99

Kawakami, Mieko: Breasts and Eggs. Picador. A novel about female adolescence from a young Japanese writer. £14.99

McGuire, Ian: The Abstainer. Scribner. The battle for Irish independence takes root in Victorian Manchester. £14.99

Persaud, Ingrid: Love After Love. Faber. Three people live harmoniously in a house - until...£14.99

***Schweblin, Samanta: Little Eyes. Oneworld. Is the spreading Kentuki craze harmless or menacing:? £14.99

Tyler, Anne: Redhead by the Side of the Road. Chatto & Windus. A love affair for a couple unlikely to be loved. £14.99

May 2020

***Cain, Amina: Indelicacy. Daunt Books. A Feminist ghost story. Price to be confirmed.

Hewitt, Sean: Tongues of Fire. Jonathan Cape. A first collection of poetry. £10.00

***Ferrante, Elena: The Lying Life of Adults. Europa. A new Neapolitan novel. £20.00

Ladner, Kiare: Nightshift. Picador. A novel set in night-time London. £12.99

Kennedy, A.L: We are Attempting to Survive Our Time. Jonathan Cape. A collection of short stories. £14.99

Kingsnorth, Paul: Alexandria. Faber. The world 1000 years hence is a very different world. £16.99

Mackintosh, Sophie: Blue Ticket. Hamish Hamilton. What happens when your pre-determined identity goes wrong? £12.99

Moshfegh: Death in Her Hands. Jonathan Cape. A woman comes across a sinister note pinned to a tree. £12.99

Motion, Andrew: Randomly Moving Particles. Faber. A collection featuring a pair of long poems. £14.99

Pachico, Julianne: The Anthill. Faber. A first novel from a short story writer.  £12.99

Shakespeare, Nicholas: The Sandpit. Harvill Secker. John thought returning from Brazil to Oxford would be safe...£14.99

Tremain, Rose: Islands of Mercy. Chatto & Windus. An unlikely affair between a nurse from Bath and a businessman from Borneo.  £18.99

June 2020

Caldwell, Lucy: Intimacies. Faber. A new collection of (mostly) Irish stories.  £12.99

Clegg, Bill: The End of the Day. Jonathan Cape. A novel exploring  the limits of friendship. £12.99

Doyle, Roddy: Love. Jonathan Cape. Why don't men of a certain age drink in pubs anymore?  £16.99

Evers, Stuart: The Blind Light. Picador. The last 60 years as witnessed by Drum and Gwen.  £20.00

Guo, Xiaolu: A Lover's Discourse. A new novel from one of the most remarkable authors around. £12.99

Kneale, Matthew: Pilgrims. Atlantic. In 1289, a group of pilgrims set off from England to Rome. £16.99

Johnson, Daisy: Sisters. Jonathan Cape. A novel exploring tensions between a pair of sisters and their mother. £14.99

Lalwani, Nikita: You People. Viking. A novel set in an Italian restaurant with non Italian employees. £14.99

Mitchell, David: Utopia Avenue. Sceptre. The biography of a fictional rock group founded in the late 1960's . £20.00

Peace, David: Tokyo Redux. Faber. A mystery, 40 years is the making, needs to be resolved. £16.99

Riviere, Sam: After Fame. Faber. A roman inspired collection of poems. £10.99

Smith, Ali: Summer. Hamish Hamilton. The final part of the author's Seasons quartet. £16.99

July 2020

***Aitken, Molly: The Island Child. Canongate. The story of a young girl brought up on a remote Irish island. £14.99

***Williams, Eley: The Liar's Dictionary. Heinemann. A debut novel from a prize winning short story writer.  £14.99

August 2020

***Gyasi, Yaa: Transcendent Kingdom. Viking. Gifty is surrounded by death, illness and depression. Price to be confirmed.

***Davis, Carys: The Mission House. Granta. A new novel from an exciting new voice. Price to be confirmed

***Pierre, DBC: Meanwhile in Dopamine City. Faber. Fatherhood in dystopia. £18.99

***Ryan, Donal: Strange Flowers. Doubleday. Moll disappears in 1973...and then returns. £12.99

September 2020

***Faber, Michel:  D (A Tale of Two Worlds). Doubleday. A D-less novel. £18.99

***Hornby, Nick. Just Like You. Viking. Do opposites really attract? £16.99

***Kunzru, Hari: Red Pill. Scribner. The author returns his 2017 novel White Tears.  £14.99

***O'Hagan, Andrew: Mayflies. Faber. Two pals get in touch after 30 years. £14.99

***Rankine, Claudia: Just Us. Penguin. White supremacy examined through poetry. Price to be confirmed.

October 2020

***Banville, John: Snow. Faber. A new crime novel written under the author's real name. Price to be confirmed.

***Boyd, William: Trio. Viking. Paris 1968 and three people meet up. Price to be confirmed.

November 2020

***Emezi, Akwaeke: The Death of Vivek Oji. Faber. A life story told in reverse.  £12.99

Entries with asterisks indicate that these titles are being shown for the first time or for the first time in Part One or have been modified.

Part Three - Recent acquisitions of older titles. Note, non-core genre titles may not be found on the website, but are available on ABE at the time of writing.

Baring-Gould, S: Cornish Characters and Strange Events. Bodley Head 1909. First edition, first printing. Red cloth with gilt titles on spine and gilt top edge. Very good. Lacks dustjacket. £75.00

British Medical Association: A Book of the South West. Pollard 1907. First edition, first printing. One of an unstated number of copies produced for the BMA's AGM in Exeter. This being a presentation copy from the President of the British Medical Association to A Quiller Couch. One scuffed page, otherwise near fine with numerous illustrations and maps. Lacks dustjacket. £50.00

Demarchelier, Patrick: Pavilion 1995. First edition, first printing. Large format. Black cloth with an image pasted to the front board. Near fine, with some stains to front flyleaf. Lacks dustjacket. £50.00

(Great Western Railway): Cathedrals/Castles/Abbeys. Great Western Railway 1925-1927.  3 books, first and second printings. Profusely illustrated with photographs and drawings from the South West of England and South Wales. Very good in cloth boards with gilt titles. £45.00

Leibovitz, Annie; Sontag, Susan: Women. Jonathan Cape 1999. First edition, first printing. Large format. Photographs by Annie Leibovitz and an essay by Susan Sontag. Near fine with a dent to the bottom of the rear board in very good dustjacket with wear to the edges. £100.00

Salgado, Sebastiao: Workers - An Archeology of the Industrial Age. Phaidon 1994. First edition, second printing. Large format. Near fine in near fine dustjacket. Leaflet in pocket on the rear endpaper present. £150.00

Waldberg, Patrick: Surrealism. Skira 1962. First edition, first printing. Near fine with many tipped in colour plates. Good US dustjacket with several tears, some taped. £25.00 x

Whitford, Frank: Kandinsky - Watercolours and Other Works on Paper. Thames & Hudson 1999. First edition, first printing. Large format. Fine in fine dustjacket. £45.00

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