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Devon its Moorlands, Streams & Coasts

Lady Rosalind Northcote

Published by Chatto & Windus/James G Commin in Exeter/London, 1908


Henry Moore - Sculpture in London

not stated

Published by Art Review in London, 1993


English Sculpture 1720-1830

Margaret Whinney

Published by Victoria and Albert Museum in London, 1971


Coelebs - In Search of a Wife

Hannah More

Published by Knight in London, not stated


The Bells of Dis

Helen Adam

Published by Coffeehouse Press in West Branch, 1985


Not for Publication

Nadine Gordimer

Published by Victor Gollancz in London, 1965


Bound Image

Ann Gallagher (introduces)

Published by Spacex Gallery in Exeter, 1988


Platitudes in the Making - Precepts and Advices for Gentlefolk

Holbrook Jackson

Published by D J Rider in London, 1911


West Country Songs

Mark Guy Pearse

Published by Horace Marshall & Son in London, 1902


Revue Encyclopedique Larousse No. 172

Georges Moreau (directeur)

Published by Librairie Larousse in Paris, 1896


What Becomes

A.L. Kennedy

Published by Jonathan Cape in London, 2009


Patrick Caulfield - Recent Paintings

not stated

Published by Waddington Galleries in London, 1975


North Carolina and Southern Folk Pottery - A Pictorial Survey

William Ivey

Published by Museum of North Carolina Traditional Pottery in Seagrove, 1992


Cornish Sketches

Belle Cooper

Published by Privately Printed in Los Angeles, 1945


Bryan Pearce - The Artist and his Work

Janet Axten (introduces)
Bryan Pearce

Published by Sansom & Company in Bristol, 2000


Max Bill

Margit Staber

Published by Methuen in London, 1964


Blue Burneau

Glyn Maxwell

Published by Chatto & Windus in London, 1994


Poems for Children

Walter de la Mare

Published by Constable in London, 1930


Island Mountain Glacier

Anne Vegter

Published by Prototype in London, 2022


Spring Cleaning

Jean Binta Breeze

Published by Virago in London, 1992


Rebecca Salter - Paintings, Drawings, Prints

Norbert Lynton (introduces)

Published by Jill George Gallery in London, 1998


Gut Symmetries

Jeanette Winterson

Published by Granta in London, 1997


Art Since Pop

John A Walker

Published by Thames and Hudson in London, 1975


Calendar 2001

Beryl Cook

Published by Gallery Five in London, 2000


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