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Portrait Photographs

Jonathan Williams

Published by Coracle Press in London, 1999


Bryan Pearce

Ruth Jones
Bryan Pearce

Published by Sheviock Gallery in Sheviock, 1976



Raymond Escholier

Published by Librairie Floury in Paris, 1930


The Life of Sir John Eliot 1592 to1632 - Struggle for Parliamentary Freedom

Harold Hulme

Published by George Allen in London, 1957


Art School

George Deem

Published by Thames and Hudson in London, 1993


Old Cornish Crosses

Arthur G Langdon

Published by Pollard in Truro, 1896


The Speed of Dark

Ian Duhig

Published by Picador in London, 2007


Ten Modern Artists: an Introduction to twentieth-century painting and sculpture

David Sylvester

Published by BBC in London, 1964


Loving Roger

Tim Parks

Published by William Heinemann in London, 1986



Tom Beard

Published by Tarmac in London, 2019


The Young Man

Annie Ernaux

Published by Fitzcarraldo Editions in London, 2023


The Book of the Zoo

Martin Duncan
Lucy Duncan

Published by Thomas Nelson in London, c 1920's


Eric Gill: The Engravings

Christopher Eric Gill: The Engravings

Published by Godine in Boston, 1990


Selected Poems

Kathleen Raine

Published by Golgonooza Press in Ipswich, 1988


The East Indiaman

Ellis K Meacham

Published by Hodder and Stoughton in London, 1969


The History of Cornwall from the Records and Traditions to the Present Time

Fortescue Hitchins

Published by William Penaluna in Cornwall, 1824


St. Ives in the 1800's

R.P. Laity

Published by Privately Printed in St. Ives, 1973


The Plasters - The Gift to Wakefield

Sophie Bowness (edits)

Published by Lund Humphries in London, 2011


Edwina Leapman - Recent Paintings

Sue Hubbard (introduces)

Published by Annely Juda in London, 2002


The Nice and the Good

Iris Murdoch

Published by Chatto & Windus in London, 1968


William Henry Hunt (1790-1864)

John Witt

Published by Barrie & Jenkins in London, 1982


The Wig My Father Wore.

Anne Enright

Published by Jonathan Cape in London, 1995


Little Gidding

T.S. Eliot

Published by Faber in London, 1942


Leaves from a Hunting Journal

Georgina Bowers

Published by Chatto and Windus in London, 1880


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