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The Ever Green - A Collection of Scots Poems

Allan Ramsay

Published by Forrester in Glasgow, 1875


Cornish People in the 15th Century

James Whetter

Published by Lyfrow Trelyspen in Gorran, 1999



Erik Stinson

Published by Test Centre in London, 2016



Peter Baker

Published by Ferry Press in London, 1975


Ya! & John-Juan - Two Novels

Douglas Woolf

Published by Harper & Row in New York, 1971


Dossier de l'Art no. 57h

Jeanne Faton-Boyance (editor)

Published by Dossier de l'Art in Dijon, 1999


The Courage Consort

Michel Faber

Published by Canongate in Edinburgh, 2002


Place-names in Devon and Cornwall

Arthur Grigg

Published by College of St. Mark and St. John in Plymouth, 1988


Riding Lights

Norman MacCaig

Published by The Hogarth Press in London, 1955


Alfred Wallis Primitive

Sven Berlin

Published by Nicholson & Watson in London, 1949



J M Coetzee
Signed Proof

Published by Secker and Warburg in London, 2002


The Wild Old Wicked Man & Other Poems

Archibald MacLeish

Published by W.H. Allen in London, 1969



David Bailey

Published by Pangolin London in London, 2010


Cornish Characters and Strange Events First Series

S. Baring-Gould

Published by Bodley Head in London, 1925



Lauren Williams

Published by Picaro Press in Australia, 2001


The Letters of T.S. Eliot Volume 1 1898-1922 Revised edition

Valerie Eliot (edits)

Published by Faber in London, 2009


The Stones of Troy

C.A. Trypanis

Published by Faber in London, 1957


Mozart in the British Museum

not stated

Published by British Museum in London, 1968


A Postcard fom the Mountains with the Mountains Tipp-Exed Out

Richard Dinnis

Published by Atlantic Press in Falmouth, 2008


Looking for the Possible Dance

A L Kennedy

Published by Secker & Warburg in London, 1993


The County Coast Series - The Cornwall Coast

Arthur L Salmon

Published by Fisher Unwin in London, 1910



Joan London

Published by Atlantic in London, 2002


The Benedictional of St. Ethelwold

Francis Wormald

Published by Faber in London, 1959


The Meanest Flower

Mimi Khalvati

Published by Carcanet in Manchester, 2007


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