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George Frederic Watts

David Loshak (introduces)

Published by Arts Council in London, 1954


A Map of the World

Jane Hamilton

Published by Doubleday in London, 1995


The Sham Flyers

Edward Kissam

Published by Anvil in London, 1969


Figures in a Landscape

Barry England

Published by Jonathan Cape in London, 1968



Nadine Gordimer

Published by Bloomsbury in London, 2003


The Speechless Act

Neil Astley

Published by Mandeville press in Hitchin, 1985


Ben Nicholson

Norman Reid (introduces)

Published by Tate in London, 1969


Albert Cuyp in British Collectiions

not stated

Published by National Gallery in London, 1973


Supernatural in Cornwall

Michael Williams

Published by Bossiney Books in St. Teath, 1979


Hockney Paints the Stage

Martin Friedman
David Hockney

Published by Arts Council of Great Britain in London, 1985


The Mary Notebook

Robert Lenkiewicz

Published by White Lane Press in Plymouth, 1988


Love on the Moor

Glyn Hughes

Published by Phoenix in Didsbury, 1968


Alice in Wonderland Through the Visual Arts

Gavin Delahunty

Published by Tate in London, 2011


The Path of the Son - A Biography of Bryan Pearce

Ruth Jones
Bryan Pearce

Published by Sheviock Gallery in Sheviock, 1976


Fundraising Contemporary Art Auction for Cape Cornwall School

not stated

Published by Penzance Auction House in Penzance, 2005


Oil Painting of Today

Adrian Bury

Published by The Studio in London, 1938


On Canaan's Side

Sebastian Barry

Published by Faber in London, 2011


The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet

Reif Larsen

Published by Harvill Secker in London, 2009


The Runaway Soul

Harold Brodkey

Published by Jonathan Cape in London, 1991


The Rowley Claimant

Andrew Lanyon

Published by Andrew Lanyon in Cornwall, 2016


Various Voices: Prose, Poetry, Politics 1948 - 1998

Harold Pinter

Published by Faber in London, 1998


The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Published by Jonathan Cape in London, 1986


The Hero and the Girl Next Door

Sophie Hannah

Published by Carcanet in Manchester, 1995


Smuggling in Cornwall

Frank Graham

Published by V Graham in Newcastle upon Tyne, 1964


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