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Cornovia - Ancient Sites of Cornwall & Scilly

Craig Weatherhill

Published by Alison Hodge in Penzance, 1985


The Moment under the Moment

Russell Hoban

Published by Jonathan Cape in London, 1992



Stanley Middleton

Published by Hutchinson in London, 1974


Terry Frost - Black White and Red

Mel Gooding (introduces)

Published by Tate in London, 2003


Some Paintings from the Bowes Museum

Ellis Waterhouse (introduces)

Published by Arts Council in London, 1959


Better than God

Peter Porter

Published by Picador in London, 2009


Homecoming - The Pier Arts Centre Collection at Tate St. Ives

Susan Daniel-McElroy

Published by Tate in London, 2003


Nights at the Alexandra

William Trevor

Published by Hutchinson in London, 1987


An Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by Hogarth the Londoner

J. L. Howgego (introduces)

Published by Guildhall Art Gallery in London, 1957


The Cast Iron Shore

Linda Grant

Published by Picador in London, 7362



Manju Kapur

Published by Faber in London, 2011


Roy Ray - Journey into Matter

John Clark (introduces)

Published by Penhaven Gallery in St. Ives, 29892


The Pleasure Steamers

Andrew Motion

Published by Sycamore in Oxford, 1977


Americasn Scenes

Charles Tomlinson

Published by Oxford University Press in London, 1966


Portraits from Memory and Other Essays

Bertrand Russell

Published by George Allen & Unwin in London, 1956


Art & Lies

Jeanette Winterson

Published by Jonathan Cape in London, 1994


Bluer than This

John Harvey

Published by Smith/Doorstop in Huddersfield, 1998


A Haunted House and Other Stories

Virginia Woolf

Published by The Hogarth Press in London, 1943



Alan Sillitoe

Published by Turret Books in London, 1968


A Bigger Picture

David Hockney

Published by Thames and Hudson in London, 2012



Fiona Pitt-Kethley

Published by in St.Leonards, 1984


Canal Dreams

Iain Banks

Published by Doubleday in New York, 1991


A Life Apart

Neel Mukherjee

Published by Constable in London, 2010


A Father of Women and Other Poems

Alice Meynell

Published by Burns & Oates in London, 1917


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