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Paper Pennies & Other Poems

Martin Booth

Published by Privately Printed in Hong Kong, 1967


The Waters

Denys Blakelock

Published by Assisi Press in Dublin, 1955


Manolo Blahnik Drawings

Anna Wintour (introduces)

Published by Thames and Hudson in London, 2003


I Proved Thee at the Waters

Eveline Clemo

Published by Moorley's in Ilkeston,


The Thief

Gill Andrews

Published by Happenstance in , 2011


Nineteen Eighty

David Peace

Published by Quercus in London, 2009


An Illustrated Souvenir of the Exhibition of 17th Century Art in Europe

William Llewellyn (prefaces)

Published by Royal Academy of Arts in London, 1938


Fragile Power: Explorations of Memory

Mary Olmsted (curates)
Daniel Schacter (curates)

Published by Newton Arts Center in Newtonville, 1993


Cadell - The Life and Works of a Scottish Colourist 1883-1937

Tom Hewlett

Published by The Portland Gallery/Bourne Fine Art in London/Edinburgh, 1988


Gaudier- Brzeska - A Memoir

Ezra Pound

Published by The Marvell Press in Hull, 1960


The Zigzag Way

Anita Desai

Published by Chatto & Windus in London, 2004


Hotel du Lac

Anita Brookner

Published by Jonathan Cape in London, 1984


The Surviovors

Patricia Beer

Published by Longmans Green & Co in London, 1963


Way Out in the Centre

Dannie Abse

Published by Hutchinson in London, 1981


Leave Tomorrow Behind

John Miller

Published by Studio Fine Art in London,


Found Among His Papers

Alan Jenkins

Published by Clarion Prospero Poets in Alton, 1997


The Moor's Last Sigh

Salman Rushdie

Published by Jonathan Cape in London, 1993


Hideous Creatures

S.E. Lister

Published by Old Street in Brecon, 2014


William Scott

Ronald Alley
T P Flanagan

Published by Arts Council of Northern Ireland in Belfast, 1986


Vassa Zheleznova

Emily Juniper

Published by Atlantic Press in Falmouth, 2016


Absolute Friends

John le Carre

Published by Hodder & Stoughton in London, 2004


Shakespeare's Birthday

Peter Levi

Published by Anvil in London, 1985


Art as Thought Process

Michael Compton (introduces)

Published by Arts Council in London, 1974


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