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The News Where You Are

Catherine O'Flynn

Published by Penguin Viking in London, 2010


Call it a Day

Tom Heron

Published by Out of the Ark Press in Zennor, 1977


The Monkey King

Timothy Mo

Published by Andre Deutsch in London, 1978


Gotik in Tirol - Malerei und Plastik des Mittelalters

not stated

Published by Tiroler Landesmuseum in Innsbruck, 1950


London Fields

Martin Amis

Published by Jonathan Cape in London, 1989


Mixed Rushes

Christopher Logue

Published by John Roberts Press in London, 1974


The Resurrectionists

Michael Collins

Published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in London, 2002


John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 15

John Moores (introduces)

Published by Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, 1987


Braque le Reconciliateur

Francis Ponge

Published by Skira in Geneva, 1946



Jeff Noon

Published by Ringpull in Loughborough, 1993


A Cat Called Slumber

Adrian Mitchell

Published by Turret in London, 1987


A Patchwork Planet

Anne Tyler

Published by Knopf in New York, 1998


Fashion Drawing in Vogue

William Packer

Published by Thames and Hudson in London, 1983


The Scarlet Tree

Osbert Sitwell

Published by Macmillan in London, 1946


The Two Worlds of Charlie F

Owen Sheers

Published by Faber in London, 2012


Sacred Country

Rose Tremain

Published by Sinclair Stevenson/London Limited Editions in London, 1992



Patrick Langley

Published by Fitzcarraldo in London, 2018


Enduring Love

Ian McEwan

Published by Jonathan Cape in London, 1997


Holes in the Sky - Poems 1944 - 1947

Louis MacNeice

Published by Faber in London, 1948


Kandinsky - Watercolours and Other Works on Paper

Frank Whitford

Published by Thames and Hudson in London, 1999


Late Georgian Classicism - 1987 Symposium

Roger White (edits)
Caroline Lightburn (edits)

Published by The Georgian Group in London, 1988


Academic Graffiti

W.H. Auden

Published by Faber in London, 1971


HMS Glasshouse

Sean O'Brien

Published by Oxford in Oxford, 1991


Ways of Escape

Graham Greene

Published by Bodley Head in Lon, 1980


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