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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Bryan Robertson (introduces)

Published by Yorkshire Sculpture Park in West Bretton, 1980



Arthur Salmon

Published by Blackie in London, c1940's


Root and Branch

Kathleen Herbert

Published by Privately Printed in not stated, 1978


I Love Me (Who do you love)

Gordon Legge

Published by Polygon in Edinburgh, 1994


I Saw a Man

Owen Sheers
Signed Proof

Published by Faber in London, 2015



Andrew Motion

Published by Cygnet Press in Burford, 1976


The Tourists

Julianne Pachino

Published by Daunt Books in London, 2015


no title

Noel Betowski

Published by Salt House Gallery in St. Ives, 1982


Fishing the Sloe-Black River

Colum McCann

Published by Phoenix House in London, 1994


The Quick Change Act

Andrew Lanyon

Published by Andrew Lanyon in Cornwall, 1987


Trial of a Judge

Stephen Spender

Published by Faber in London, 1938


Good-Bye Mr. Chips

James Hilton

Published by Hodder & Stoughton in London, 1934


The Mission Song

John Le Carre

Published by Hodder and Stoughton in London, 2006


Moulded & Slip Cast Pottery & Ceramics

David Cowley

Published by Batsford in London, 1984


Pierre Skira - New Pastels

Peppiat Michael (interviews)

Published by Redfern Gallery in London, 2016


Patrick Heron - Sydney Paintings and Gouaches 1989-90

Patrick Heron

Published by Waddington Galleries in London, 1991


Debatable Land

Candia McWilliam

Published by Bloomsbury in London, 1994


Free Sex Chocolate

Julian Gough

Published by Salmon in Cliffs of Moher, 2010


Seeing is Believing

John Miller

Published by Truran in Truro, 2001


Cornish Legends & Folklore

Di Francis

Published by James Pike in St. Ives, 1977


A Cornish Giant

Edith Harper

Published by Spon in London, 1913


The Potter's Fold - A History of the South Devon Ball Clay Industry

L.T.C. Rolt

Published by David & Charles in Newton Abbot, 1974


Chapman's Odyssey

Paul Bailey
Proof Signed

Published by Bloomsbury in London, 2011



A.L. Kennedy

Published by Jonathan Cape in London, 2004


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