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David Whittaker - Brief Moment in the Exposure

David Whittaker

Published by Millennium Gallery in St. Ives, 2009


Unfamiliar Masterpieces of Painting in East German Collections

Walther Scheidig

Published by Peter Owen in London, 1965


The Invading Gospel

Jack Clemo

Published by Lakeland in London, 1972


The Engravings of Eric Gill

Christopher Skelton

Published by Dreyer in Wellingborough, 1983


Selected Poems

Edwin Muir

Published by Faber in London, 2008


No Country for Young Men

Nuala O'Faolain

Published by Allen Lane in London, 1980


Poems & Verses

Rowlands Coldicott

Published by Privately Printed in Middleton, 1932


Feeding the Snake

John Burnside

Published by Jonathan Cape in London, 2017


The Russian Girl

Kingsley Amis

Published by Hutchinson in London, 1980


Cut-Steel and Berlin Iron Jewellery

Anne Clifford

Published by Adams & Dart in Bath, 1971


Makonde - Wooden Sculpture from East Africa from the Malde Collection

David Elliott

Published by Museum of Modern Art in Oxford, 1989


J.B. Priestly - Portrait of an Author

Susan Cooper

Published by Heinemann in London, 1970


Goodbye to the Art of Poetry

Peter Levi

Published by Anvil in London, 1989


Judy Buxton

William Packer (contributes)

Published by New Millennium Gallery in St. Ives, 2004


Anthony Caro Table Top Sculptures 1973/4

not stated

Published by Greater London Council in London, 1974



Helen Dunmore

Published by Bloodaxe in Newcastle, 1997


My Grandmother

Fethiye Cetin

Published by Verso in London, 2012


An Introduction to Cornish Place Names

P.A.S. Pool

Published by not stated in Cornwall, 1971


Cold Mountain

Charles Frazier

Published by Sceptre in London, 1997


A Fraction of the Whole

Steve Toltz

Published by Hamish Hamilton in London, 2008


Catalogue of British Drawings - Volume One: XVI & XVII Centuries - Plates

Edward Croft-Murray

Published by British Museum in London, 1960


Goodnight, Beautiful Women

Anna Noyes

Published by Atlantic in London, 2016



David Wheatley

Published by Gallery Press in Oldcastle, 1997



Helen Farish

Published by Jonathan Cape in London, 2005


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