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Ecat 180 April/May 2019

I can accept payment by sterling cheque, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express or by direct British bank transfer. I can accept international bank transfers, but regret I will need to charge for costs imposed by banks for these transactions - typically a minimum of $30 or £15 (there is no such cost for British banks).

Prices exclude postage and packing which are charged at cost. All books are insured in transit.

Overseas orders will be sent by airmail via the Print Direct (formerly M-bag) system which is not tracked, but is cost efficient. The minimum weight for this service is 1.5 kilos which may mean that an order is bulked out with additional printed material. Bizarrely this added weight reduces the cost of postage. Print Direct really comes into its own for multi-book parcels.

Books can be sent by surface mail if preferred, but this is more expensive. Books can also be sent by a trackable service, but this will probably at least treble the cost of postage and can work out slower and from experience parcels sent "signed for" are more likely to go missing.

If books sell out and I need to re-stock, prices and descriptions may alter, but current prices will be shown on the main pages of the website.

Part One - New Acquisitions, Imminent Arrivals and Selections from Stock.

Unless stated otherwise, all books are hardbacks or paperback originals, in fine condition and are first impressions of first UK editions. A fuller description will gladly be supplied on request. Most titles in this section are on view at timkcbooks.com

Entries with asterisks indicate that these titles are being shown for the first time, shown as signed for the first time or shown for the first time in Part One.

Allen, Rachael: Kingdomland. Faber 2019. A first full collection from a talented young poet. £10.99


***Anstruther, Eleanor:  A Perfect Explanation. Salt 2019. The story of an abandoned aristocrat's child. £12.99


***Banine: Days in the Caucasus. Pushkin Press 2019. A first appearance in English of an Azerbaijan biography written in 1945. £16.99


Blackburn, Julia: Time Song - Searching for Doggerland. Jonathan Cape 2019. The author looks  for the now drowned ancient land between England and the Netherlands. £25.00 (Signed copies should be available soon at a price to be confirmed).


***Cook, Elizabeth: Lux. Scribe 2019. David and Bathsheba's story revisited before relocating to the Tower of London. (The author's previous novel, Achilles, was one of the best reviewed books of the century so far).  £16.99


***Cooper, Jeremy: Ash Before Oak. Fitzcarraldo 2019. A novel in the form of a nature diary. £12.99


***Copus, Julia: Girlhood. Faber 2019. The author's fourth collection of poems. £14.99


***de Bernieres, Louis: Labels and Other Stories 2019. Harvill Secker.  A collection of stories. £16.99


***del Amo, jean-baptiste: Animalia. Fitzcarraldo 2019. A twentieth century biography of a French peasant family £12.99


***Dunthorne, Joe: O Positive. Faber 2019. A first full collection of poems from an established author.  £10.99


Dymott, Elanor: Slack-Tide. Jonathan Cape 2019.  A new novel from a respected author. £12.99


***Eggers, Dave: The Parade. Hamish Hamilton 2019. A novel looking at aspects of war. £14.99


***Evaristo, Bernadine: Girl, Woman, Other. Hamish Hamilton 2019. A novel featuring 12 women. £16.99 (Signed copies should be available soon at a price to be confirmed).


***Ferlinghetti, Lawrence: Little Boy. Faber 2019. An artist's memoirs as he nears 100. £14.99


***Flattery, Nicole: Show Them a Good Time. Bloomsbury 2019. Signed by the author. A collection of stories. £20.00


Gray, Alasdair: Of Me and Others. Canongate 2019. A collection of autobiographical essays. £17.99


Greenlaw, Lavinia: The Built Moment. Faber 2019. The first collection of poetry since 2011. £14.99 (Signed copies should be available soon at a price to be confirmed).


***Gundar-Goshen, Ayelet: Pushkin Press 2019. An inter-generational Israeli novel. £12.99


***Haddon, Mark: The Porpoise. Chatto & Windus 2019. The story of a baby who was the sole survivor of a plane crash. £18.99


***Hammad, Isabella: The Parisian. Jonathan Cape 2019. A novel set 100 years ago in Palestine. £14.99 (Signed copies should be available soon at a price to be confirmed).


***Katt, Serena: Sunday's Child. Jonathan Cape 2019. A graphic novel. £16.99


***Lethem, Jonathan: The Feral Detective 2019. Atlantic. A loner detective hunts for a missing woman. £16.99


Li, Lillian: Number One Chinese Restaurant. One 2019. Things go wrong for a re-vamped restaurant. £14.99


Li, Yiyun: Where Reasons End. Hamish Hamilton 2019. A mother attempts to come to life with her son's suicide. £12.99


***Luiselli, Valeria. Lost Children Archive. Fourth Estate 2019. Signed by the author. A debut novel examining the current US/Mexican political and diplomatic relationship. £25.00


Maarouf, Mazen: Jokes for the Gunmen. Granta 2019. A collection of powerful  stories from a vibrant new voice. Shortlisted for the Man Booker International Prize. £9.99 (Signed copies should be available soon at a price to be confirmed).


***Macfarlane, Robert: Underland - A Deep Time Journey. Hamish Hamilton 2019. The nature writer goes underground visiting tree roots and glaciers. £20.00


***Macneal, Elizabeth: The Doll Factory. Picador 2019. A novel set as the 1850 Great Exhibition is being set up. Signed by the author to a tipped in page. £16.00


***McCartney, Jenny: The Ghost Factory. Fourth Estate 2019. A debut novel set during the height of Northern Irish troubles. £12.99


***McCracken, Elizabeth: Bowlaway. Jonathan Cape 2019. A woman who is discovered unconscious changes life in a New England town. £16.99


***McEwan, Ian: Machines Like Me. Jonathan Cape 2019. An alternative recent history of 1980's London where Alan Turing is still alive. £18.99 ( A few signed copies at a price to be confirmed).


***McGuinness, Patrick: Throw me to the Wolves. Jonathan Cape 2019. A powerful novel looking at the media's obsession with an eccentric loner's arrest for murder. £14.99


***Means, David: Instructions for a Funeral. Faber 2019. A new collection of short stories. £12.99


***Menasse, Robert: The Capital. MacLehose Press 2019. Winner of the German Book prize. £24.00


***Miyashita, Natsu: The Forest of Wool and Steel. Doubleday 2019. A piano transports Tomura into the countryside. £9.99


***Mort, Helen: Black Car Burning. Chatto & Windus 2019. The poet's first novel takes in Sheffield, rock-climbing and the Police. £12.99


Murakami, Haruki: Birthday Girl. Harvill Secker 2019. A small booklet to celebrate the author's 70th birthday. £1.99


Obioma, Chigozie: An Orchestra of Minorities. Little, Brown 2019. A second novel from a Booker shortlisted author. £14.99


Paralkar, Vikram: Night Theatre. Serpents Tail 2019. An injured family pay a visit to a doctor.  £12.99


Porter, Max: Lanny. Faber 2019. The story of an English village, past and present. One resident is Lanny, another is Dead Papa Toothwort. Signed copies £12.99. Copies signed and dated by the author to the title page at the author's publication day event in Bath £20.00


***Price, Rosie. What Red Was. Harvill Secker 2019. A take on violence against women linked with socio-economics. £12.99


Schweblin, Samanta: Mouthful of Birds. Oneworld. A new collection of short stories from a young Argentinian writer recognised as being one of the best international authors of her generation. Longlisted for the 2019 Man Booker International Prize. £12.99


***Shapton, Leanne: Guest Book Ghost Stories. Particular 2019. A novel told through photographs, poetry, paintings and found objects. £22.00 (Signed copies should be available soon at a price to be confirmed).


***Smith, Ali: Spring. Hamish Hamilton 2019. The third in the author's series of contemporary novels.  £16.99 (Signed copies should be available soon at a price to be confirmed).


***Szirtes, George: The Photographer at Sixteen. MacLehose Press 2019. Signed and dated by the author. £24.00


Thompson, Luke & Kilburn, John: Eel Suitcase. Guillemot Press 2018. A straw lined cardboard packet containing 6 items, all fine -  1) Anguilliformes, True Eels, Dubious Translations by Luke Thompson & John Kilburn - an illustrated list of latin names alongside names in common usage, 2) The Creel an anthology prefaced by Luke Thompson, 3) The Origin of the Silver Eel by David Cairncross, written in 1862 and introduced by Luke Thompson and illustrated by John Kilburn, 4) Eels a pulp novel by Luke Thompson, 5) A Suitcase Full of Eels a collection of 137 illustrated eels and 6) A themed postcard bearing a palindromic poem. £25.00


***Ting-Kuo, Wang: My Enemy's Cherry Tree. Granta 2019. A strange relationship between a cafe proprietor and a local business man. £12.99


Walters, Kate: Shetland Notebooks & Shetland Sketchbooks. Guillemot Press 2019. A  2 volume set of fine paperback originals plus an original watercolour. The Shetland Notebooks are signed on the title page and contain poetry, prose and about 70 watercolour  illustrations. The Shetland Sketchbooks contain more illustrations.  £30.00

Part Two - Soon to Appear Books.

The following list is a round up of the main titles to be published in the UK in the next few months. Orders for these titles are now being taken. The books will be first printings, signed (when available) and sold at cover price where possible. However, I often have to buy in books at full price from reputable sources including literary festivals I attend, so please bear in mind that the prices below are for guidance and subject to confirmation. Additionally, the cover price and publication date may be changed by the publisher before publication. There may be a delay in obtaining signed copies of some titles, and in some cases copies may not be forthcoming.

May 2019 and earlier

Armitage, Simon: Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic. Faber. A collection of various "one-off" commission poems, most widely published for the first time. £16.99 (Signed copies should be available soon at a price to be confirmed).

Armitage, Simon: Hansel & Gretel. DFT. A contemporary retelling of the classic story with illustrations by Clive Hicks-Jenkins. £25.00 (seems to have been delayed)

Aw, Tash: We, the Survivors. Fourth Estate. A simple man confesses to a murder. £14.99

Cercas, Javier: Lord of all the Dead. Maclehose Press. The author looks at a ancestor's role in the Spanish Civil War. £20.00. (Signed copies should be available at a price to be confirmed)

Cowan, Andrew: Your Fault. Salt. A future self tries to warn a present self of the consequences of actions. £12.99

Doshi, Tishani: Small Days and Nights. Bloomsbury. The award winning poet's second novel. £16.99. (Signed copies should be available at a price to be confirmed)

Grant, Linda: A Stranger City. Virago. Different people respond to a drowned body in different ways. £16.99. (Signed copies should be available at a price to be confirmed)

***Hudson, Kerry: Lowborn. Chatto & Windus.  A novelist's look at at run down parts of Britain.£14.99

Hustvedt, Siri: Memories of the Future. Sceptre. A book narrated by a character with the initials S.H. rediscovers 40 year old notebooks and unfinished manuscripts while clearing out her mother's house. £18.99.  (Signed copies should be available at a price to be confirmed)

Nayeri, Dina: The Ungrateful Refugee. Canongate. An Iranian refugee relates her journey to being an award winning American writer. £16.99

Newman, Sandra: The Heavens. Granta. Kate falls asleep in New York in 2000 and awakes in London in 1593.  £12.99

Winterson, Jeanette: Frankissstein. Jonathan Cape. A look at Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. £16.99. (Signed copies should be available soon at a price to be confirmed).

June 2019

***Anker, Willem: Red Dog. Pushkin Press. The author's first novel to be translated into English. £16.99

Atkinson, Kate: Big Sky. Doubleday. A return to the life of Jackson Brodie, rather more than a crime novel. £20.00

Barry, Kevin: Night Boat to Tangier. Canongate. A pair of Irish gangsters waiting to catch the boat in Algeciras.  £14.99 ((Signed copies should be available at a price to be confirmed).

Bernard, Jay: Surge: Chatto & Windus. A prize-winning poet's first full collection. £10.00

Bilston, Brian: Diary of a Somebody. Picador. The trials and tribulations of a would-be poet. £14.99

Erskine, Wendy: Sweet Home. Picador. A first collection of short stories. £12.99

Ghosh, Amitav: Gun Island. John Murray. A book set among the realms of rare book dealers. £20.00 (Signed copies should be available soon at a price to be confirmed).

Habila, Helon: Travellers. Hamish Hamilton. The story of 3 African emigrants from different countries and cultures. £12.99

Hale, Katie: My Name is Monster. Canongate. A debut novel trailed as a Robinson Crusoe for our times.  £12.99

Hoffman, Julian: Irreplaceable - The Fight to Save our Wild Places. Hamish Hamilton. How humans are destroying habitats. £20.00

***Kaminsky, Ilya: Deaf Republic. Faber. A collection of poems concerning a Russian occupation of Ukraine. £10.99

Kawakami, Hiromi: The Ten Loves of Mr. Nishino. Granta. Ten women relate their encounters with a ladies' man. £12.99

***McGlasson, Claire: The Rapture. Faber. A first novel that looks into the world of  The Panacea Society £14.99

O'Connor, Joseph: Shadowplay. Harvill Secker. Henry Irving, Ellen Terry and Bram Stoker are working together in 1878. A Victorian novel.  £14.99 (Signed copies should be available soon at a price to be confirmed).

Roy, Arundhati: My Seditious Heart. Hamish Hamilton. A 1120 page collection of the author's essays. £30.00 (Signed copies should be available soon at a price to be confirmed).

Sauma, Luiza: Everything You Ever Wanted. Viking. A young woman escapes to another planet to avoid social media. £12.99

***Shafak, Elif: 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World. Viking. What if the human mind carries on functioning 10 Minutes 38 Seconds after death. £14.99 (Signed copies should be available soon at a price to be confirmed).

Slepikas, Alvydas: In the Shadow of Wolves. A novel set in Lithuania towards the end of the Second World War where the advancing Russian army is seen as more of a threat than the Nazis. Oneworld. £12.99

Vuong, Ocean: On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous. Jonathan Cape. The award-wining poet's first novel. £12.99

Williams, Hugo: Lines Off. Faber.  The poet's first collection for 5 years. £14.99

July 2019

Barker, Nicola: I Am Sovereign. Heinemann. A novella featuring a Welsh Teddy-bear maker. £12.99

***Chan, Mary Jean: Fleche. Faber. A collection of poems from Hong Kong. £10.99

Ellmann, Lucy:  Ducks, Newburyport. Galley Beggar. A female take on the great American novel.  Limited edition. £20.00

***Flanery, Patrick: Night for Day. Atlantic. A novel set over one day in McCarthy-era Hollywood. £14.99

***Hisayo, Buchanan, Rowan: Starling Days. Sceptre. A novel looking at urban isolation. £14.99

Jacobson, Howard: Live a Little. Jonathan Cape. A comic novel about late-in-life love. £18.99

***Kavenna, Joanna: Zed. Faber. The CEO of a global company is heading for a fall. £16.99

***Nathan, Alix: The Warlow Experiment. Serpent's Tail. A scientific experiment goes wrong.  £12.99

***Taddeo, Lisa: Three Women. Bloomsbury. The story of three different woman and how their lives overlap. £16.99

August 2019

***Agualusa, Jose Eduardo: The Society of Reluctant Dreamers. Harvill Secker. Dreams can be awkward in Angola. £14.99

***Chevalier, Tracy. A Single Thread. After WW1, Victoria wants to settle down and get married. Nut most of the men have been killed in the war. £14.99

***Doughty, Louise: Platform Seven. Faber. Two people are about to die at Peterborough Railway Station. £12.99

***Kaldheim, Peter. Idiot Wind. Canongate. A biographical account of dropping out and then returning. £14.99

Levy, Deborah: The Man who Saw Everything. Hanish Hamilton. a 1980's cold war novel. £14.99

***Myers, Benjamin: The Offing. Bloomsbury. First novel published by a large publisher for the prize-winning author. £16.99

***O'Breht, Tea: Inland. Weidenfeld & Nicolson. A second novel from Orange Prize winner. £14.99

***Savage, Lila: Say Say Say. Serpent's Tail. A first novel. Ella is fascinated by her employer's marriage. £12.99

***Sissay, Lemn: My Name is Why. Canongate. An autobiography of a poet at last becoming recognised. £16.99

***Stevens, Madeline: Devotion. Faber. A first novel. Ella is fascinated by her employer's marriage. £12.99

***Vincent, Isabel: Dinner with Edward. One. A three generation gap proves enjoyable. £12.99

***Whitehead, Colson: The Nickel Boys. Fleet. The story of two boys abused at a reform school. £16.99

September 2019

Atwood, Margaret. The Testaments. Chatto & Windus. A much anticipated follow up to the author's celebrated the Handmaid's Tale. £20.00

***Burton, Jessie: The Confession. Picador. A novel set in 1980's London and Los Angeles.£16.99

***Houellebecq, Michel: Serotonin. William Heinemann. Does the title give the plot away? £20.00

***Meek, James: Ro Calais, in Ordinary Time. Canongate. A novel set in 1348.  £17.99

Muldoon, Paul: Frolic and Detour. Faber. A new collection. £14.99

***O'Brien, Edna: Girl. Faber. A novel describing the lives of kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls. £16.99

***Rushdie, Salman: Quichotte. Jonathan Cape. A story for our times. £18.99

Strout, Elizabeth: Olive, Again. Viking. A revisit to the world of Olive Kitteridge. £14.99

Wyld, Evie: The Bass Rock. Jonathan Cape. The story of 3 women at different times. £16.99

October 2019

***Costello, Mary: The River Capture. Canongate. A man decides to withdraw from society and return to his family's land.  £14.99

***Donoghue, Emma: Akin. Picador. A New Yorker looks for his mother's secrets on the French Riviera. £16.99

***Gray, Alasdair. Purgatory - Dante's Divine Trilogy Part Two. Canongate.  The second part of the translation. £14.99

Le Carre, John: Agent Running in the Field. Viking. A British agent is caught up in the ever-changing politics of 2019. £20.00

***Pullman, Philip: The Secret Commonwealth. Penguin/David Fickling. Part Two of The Book of Dust. £20.00

***Safran Foer, Jonathan: We Are the Weather: Saving the Planet Starts at Breakfast. Hamish Hamilton. The author's take on climate change. £16.99

Smith, Zadie: Grand Union. Hamish Hamilton. 20 short stories - 10 new and 10 written in the past 10 years. £25.00

November 2019

***MacFarlane, Robert. Ness. Hamish Hamilton. A myth for our times. £14.99

***Entries with asterisks indicate that these titles are being shown for the first time or for the first time in Part One or have been modified.

Part Three - Recent acquisitions of older titles. Note, non-core genre titles may not be found on the website, but are available on ABE at the time of writing.

Auping, Michael (introduces) : Howard Hodgkin Paintings. Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth 1996. Near fine, slightly spine faded large format paperback. Related ephemera from the London exhibition laid in. £20.00

Buchberg, Karl; Cullinan; Hauptman, Jodi & Serota, Nicholas: The Cut-Outs. Tate 2014. First edition, first printing. Fine in near fine dustjacket. £60.00 x

Gooding, Mel: Gillian Ayres.  Lund Humphries 2001. First edition, first printing. Fine in fine dustjacket. £35.00

Kent, Susan & Cork, Richard: Young British Art - The Saatchi Decade. Booth-Clibborn 1999. First edition, first printing. Fine in fine dustjacket. £50.00

Lambirth, Andrew: Maggi Hambling - The Works. Unicorn 2006. First edition, first printing. Near fine in (a sharp object has pierced a very small hole through the rear board which has scarred the last few pages) a near fine dustjacket, slightly scuffed to the bottom front corner. £50.00

McEwen, John: John Bellany. Mainstream 2005. First edition, first printing thus (first published in 1994) Fine in fine dustjacket. £30.00

Rosenthal, T.G: Paula Rego - The Complete Graphic Work. Thames & Hudson 2003. First edition, first printing. Fine in fine dustjacket. £75.00

Tojner, Poul Erik: Munch in his Own Words. Prestel 2001. First edition, first printing. Fine in near fine, slightly spine faded dustjacket. £30.00

Wagstaff, Sheena: Edward Hopper. Tate 2004. First edition, first printing. Fine large format exhibition catalogue in fine dustjacket. £60.00

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