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Ecat 176 November 2018

I can accept payment by sterling cheque, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express or by direct British bank transfer. I can accept international bank transfers, but regret I will need to charge for costs imposed by banks for these transactions - typically a minimum of $30 or £15 (there is no such cost for British banks).

Prices exclude postage and packing which are charged at cost. All books are insured in transit.

Overseas orders will be sent by airmail via the Print Direct (formerly M-bag) system which is not tracked, but is cost efficient. The minimum weight for this service is 1.5 kilos which may mean that an order is bulked out with additional printed material. Bizarrely this added weight reduces the cost of postage. Print Direct really comes into its own for multi-book parcels.

Books can be sent by surface mail if preferred, but this is more expensive. Books can also be sent by a trackable service, but this will probably at least treble the cost of postage and can work out slower and from experience parcels sent "signed for" are more likely to go missing.

If books sell out and I need to re-stock, prices and descriptions may alter, but current prices will be shown on the main pages of the website.

Part One - New Acquisitions, Imminent Arrivals and Selections from Stock.

Unless stated otherwise, all books are hardbacks or paperback originals, in fine condition and are first impressions of first UK editions. A fuller description will gladly be supplied on request. Most titles in this section are on view at timkcbooks.com

Entries with asterisks indicate that these titles are being shown for the first time, shown as signed for the first time or shown for the first time in Part One.

Bauer, Belinda. Snap. Bantam 2018. Longlisted for the MAN Booker Prize. £20.00


***Benjamin, Marina: Insomnia. Scribe 2018. An essay on sleeping disorders. £9.99


Byers, Sam: Perfidious Albion. Faber 2018. A novel set in the near future in post-Brexit Britain. Signed by the author.  £18.00.


Cave, Sarah: Like Fragile Clay. Guillemot 2018.  Signed by the author. Small format paperback original of the poet's first collection. £10.00


Cohen, Leonard: The Flame. Canongate. The late musician's final collection of poems and writings. £20.00


Crawford, Robert: The Scottish Ambassador. Jonathan Cape 2018. Signed and dated by the author. Paperback original collection of poems. £15.00


***Cusk, Rachel: Kudos. Faber 2018. Shortlisted for the Goldsmith Prize. Signed by the author to the title page. £16.99


Davidson, Andy: In the Valley of the Sun. Contraband 2017.  Signed and dated by the author to the title page. Paperback original. Murky tales in small town Texas. £12.00


Davies, Carys: The Testimonie of Alyss Teeg: Guillemot 2018. A short story illustrated by Donya Todd. Signed by the author to the title page. Small format paperback original. £8.00


Donkor Michael: Hold. Fourth Estate 2018. A first novel involving culture clashes  in Ghana and London. Signed by the author.  £20.00


Drnaso, Nick. Sabrina. Granta 2018. Longlisted for the MAN Booker Prize.  £40.00


***Duffy, Carol Ann: Sincerity. Picador 2018. Signed by the author. Independent Bookshop edition. £30.00


Edugyan, Esi: Washington Black. Serpent's Tail 2018. A young slave boy finds himself appointed personal servant to an eccentric sugar plantation owner. Signed by the author. Shortlisted for the MAN Booker Prize. £50.00


***Emezi, Akwaeke: Freshwater. Faber 2018. Signed by the author. Written with a multi-personality narrator. £10.00


***Enard, Mathias: Tell Them of Battles, Kings and Elephants. Fitzcarraldo 2018. Signed by the author. The latest book translated into English by the  French author about to be "discovered" by the English speaking world. £18.00


***Fan, Kit: As Slow as Possible. Arc 2018. A second collection of poetry. £20.00


Fischer, Tibor: How to Rule the World. Corsair 2018.  Signed by the author to the title page. £25.00


Gessen, Keith: A Terrible Country. Fitzcarraldo 2018. A novel looking back at 10 years in recent Russian history. £12.99


***Goss, Rebecca: Carousel. Guillemot 2018. A collection of poems by Rebecca Goss illustrated with photographs by Chris Routledge. £12.00


***Goyate, Roshni; Hunjan, Sharan; Khan, Sunnah & Patel, Sheena: 4 Brown Girls who Write. 4 Brown Girls who Write. FEM Press 2018. A collection of of poetry by 4 young British-Asian women. £16.00


Gray, Alasdair: Hell - Dante's Divine Trilogy Part One Decorated and Englished in Prosaic Verse by  Alasdair Gray. Canongate 2018. It does what is says in the title. Regarded as a genius, Alasdair's not too mobile these days so signed copies may be tricky. £14.99


Greenlaw, Lavinia: In the City of Love's Sleep. Faber 2018. Signed and dated by the author. £25.00


Greengrass, Jessie: Sight. John Murray 2018. First edition, first printing. Longlisted for the 2018 Women's Prize. Signed by the author. £20.00.


***Greengrass, Jessie: Reservoir. Guillemot 2018. A short story illustrated by Donya Todd. Small format paperback original. Signed by the author £8.00 .


Griffiths, Neil: As a God Might Be. Dodo Ink 2017. A green novel. Signed by the author to the title page. £16.00


Groff, Lauren: Florida: William Heinemann 2018. Signed by the author. £24.00


Gunaratne, Guy: In Our Mad and Furious City. Tinder. 48 hours in the lives of 3 men following a terrorist attack. Signed by the author. Shortlisted for the Goldsmith Prize.   Longlisted for the MAN Booker Prize. £30.00


Harvey, Samantha: The Western Wind. Jonathan Cape 2018. A priest in medieval rural Somerset tries to explain and understand a suspicious death. Signed by the author. £20.00


***Hayes, Terrance: American Sonnets for my Past and Future Assassin. Penguin 2018. Signed by the author. Shortlisted for the T S Eliot Prize. £20.00


***Holloway-Smith, Wayne: I Can't Wait for the Wending. Test Centre 2018. A collection of poems on individual cards contained in a bespoke blue card envelope. Signed by the author to the reverse of the title page. £16.00


Hope, Christopher: Hope, Christopher. Atlantic 2018. The Cafe de Move-on Blues. Signed and dated by the author to the title page. £25.00


***Hough, Stephen: The Final Retreat. Sylph Editions 2018. A novel from the reowned concert pianist. £20.00


Idle, Eric: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2018. Signed by the author. A "Sortabiography" from the Python. £30.00


***Jian, Ma: China Dream. Chatto & Windus 2018.  A critique of contemporary Chinese politics written as a series of nightmares. £12.99


Johnson, Daisy: Everything Under. Jonathan Cape 2018. A first novel from an award winning short story writer. Shortlisted for the MAN Booker Prize. Signed by the author. £40.00


***Kennard, Luke: Truffle Hound. Verve 2018. A pamphlet of prose poems.  £12.00


***Kennedy, A L: The Little Snake. Canongate 2018. A fable about modern life. Signed copies ordered.  £9.99


Knausgaard, Karl Ove: The End. Harvill Secker 2018. As the title suggests, the end. Signed by the author. £40.00


Kumar, Amitava: Immigrant, Montana. Faber 2018. The story of an Indian studying in the USA. Signed by the author. £16.00.


***Kunial, Zaffar: Us. Faber 2018. The poet's first full collection. Fine paperback original.  Signed by the author. Shortlisted for the T.S Eliot Prize. £16.00.


Kushner, Rachel: The Mars Room Jonathan Cape 2018. A novel following Romy Hall at the start of a long prison sentence and the world she has left behind. Shortlisted for the 2018 MAN Booker Prize.  Signed by the author. £40.00


Lacey, Catherine: Certain American States. Granta 2018. A collection of short stories from a rising American author.  £12.99


***Laing, Olivia: Crudo. Picador 2018. Signed by the author to the title page.  Shortlisted for the Goldsmith Prize. £32.00


Marek, Adam: Defending the Pencil Factory. Guillemot 2018. A short story illustrated by Donya Todd. Small format paperback original. £6.00


McCauley, Amy: Oedipa. Guillemot Press 2018. A female take on Oedipus. An exceptionally well designed first collection of poetry/playscript. £10.00


McMillan, Andrew: Playtime. Jonathan Cape 2018. Author's second full collection of poems. Signed and dated by the author. Paperback original. £16.00


Mingarelli, Hubert: Four Soldiers. Portobello 2018. Four Soldiers are caught up in the Russian Civil War. £12.99


Moore, Alison: Missing. Salt 2018. A translator tries valiantly to leave the past behind. Signed by the author. £12.00.


Murakami, Haruki: Killing Commendatore. Harvill Secker. The new novel. £20.00


Ondaatje, Michael: Warlight. Jonathan Cape 2018. A novel set in 1945 London at the tail end of the war featuring a pair of teenage siblings. Longlisted for the 2018 MAN Booker Prize. £16.99


Paterson, Don: The Fall at Home - New and Collected Aphorisms. Faber 2018. A new work from a talented poet. £20.00


Perry, Sarah: Melmoth: Serpent's Tail 2018. A novel inspired by gothic writing of the 1820's. Signed by the author. £20.00


Pheby, Alex: Lucia. Galley Beggar 2018. The story of James Joyce's daughter whose mental health issues have been conveniently forgotten by history. A very well reviewed second novel. Paperback original. Special edition signed copies £20.00.


Powers, Richard: The Overstory. William Heinemann. NB - Second Printing. Shortlisted for the 2018 MAN Booker Prize. Signed by the author to a bookplate (the author does not sign books directly). £80.00


Pullman, Philip: The Book of Dust - Volume One: La Belle Sauvage. David Fickling Books/Penguin 2017. Signed by the author to a themed bookplate on the title page, plus a print in a sealed envelope. £45.00


Rooney, Sally: Normal People. Faber. A second novel from a young award winning novel. Long Listed for the MAN Booker Prize. Signed by the author. £20.00


Saadawi, Ahmed: Frankenstein in Baghdad. Oneworld 2018. A monster is born from the ruins of a city. Signed by the author. £25.00.


Shteyngart, Gary: Lake Success. Hamish Hamilton 2018. Signed by the author. £24.00


Sinclair, Iain: Living with Buildings - And Walking with Ghosts: On Health and Architecture. Profile/Wellcome Collection 2018.  Commissioned as a response to the Wellcome Collection's Living with Buildings exhibition. £14.99 (signed copies £22.00)


Tallack, Malachy: The Valley at the Centre of the World. Canongate 2018. A novel set on the Shetlands. Signed by the author. £14.99.


***Taneja, Preti & Mayer, So: Tender Questions. Peninsular Press. One of 200 copies. A dialogue on friendship. Pamphlet. £12.00


Tempest, Kate: Running Upon the Wires. Picador. The young poet's new collection. Signed by the author on a tipped in page. £16.00


Teo, Sharlene: Ponti. Picador 2018. Winner of the inaugural Deborah Rogers Writers' Award for unpublished manuscripts. Signed by the author. £14.99.


Thayil, Jeet: The Book of Chocolate Saints. Faber 2018.  The author's second novel - his first was MAN Booker shortlisted.  This one is an imagined biography of a middle-aged artist. Signed by the author. £20.00


***Toibin, Colm: Mad, Bad, Dangerous to Know: The Fathers of Wilde, Yeats and Joyce. Viking 2018. A new non fiction work. I was not advised of the title prior to publication and it was reprinted ahead of publication, so copies have been bought in. £25.00


Tokarczuk, Olga: Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead. Fitzcarraldo. Not sure if Plow will become Plough for the UK edition. A new work in English from this year's MAN Booker International winner. £12.99


***Underwood, Jack: Solo for Mascha Voice (Poems After Mascha Kaleko)/Tenuous Rooms. Test Centre 2018. Two collections of poems in one volume. Signed & dated by the author to both title pages. £16.00


Walsh, Joanna: Break.Up. Tuskar Rock 2018. A first novel from an author considered to be one of the best writers of her generation. The manuscript won the 2017 Arts Foundation Fellowship. Signed by the author. £18.00


***Winterson, Jeanette: Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere. Canongate 2018. An essay looking at the state of Women's Rights. £7.99

Part Two - Soon to Appear Books.

The following list is a round up of the main titles to be published in the UK in the next few months. Orders for these titles are now being taken. The books will be first printings, signed (when available) and sold at cover price where possible. However, I often have to buy in books at full price from reputable sources including literary festivals I attend, so please bear in mind that the prices below are for guidance and subject to confirmation. Additionally, the cover price and publication date may be changed by the publisher before publication. There may be a delay in obtaining signed copies of some titles, and in some cases copies may not be forthcoming.

September 2018

Ewen, Paul: Francis Plug: Artist in Residence. Galley Beggar. More Francis Plug. £11.00 (Special edition should be available at a price to be confirmed).

December 2018

Szalay, David: Turbulence. Jonathan Cape. A collection of short stories which fit together as a novel. £9.99

January 2019

Adam, Claire: Golden Child. Faber. A tale of life, love  and loyalty in Trinidad. £19.99

Allen, Rachael: Kingdomland. Faber. A first full collection from a talented young poet. £10.99

Balasubramanyam, Rajeev: Professor Chandra Follows his Bliss. Chatto & Windus. A serial non-Nobel Prize winner is ordered by his doctor to find himself.  £12.99

***d'Avenia, Alessandro: What Hell is Not. Oneworld. Contemporary Palermo as see through the eyes of a privileged  teenager who managed to escape (up to a point). £12.99

***Benson, Fiona: Vertigo & Ghost. Jonathan Cape. The poet's second full collection. £10.00

***Braithwaite, Oyinkan: My Sister, the Serial Killer. Atlantic. Set in Nigeria, the death of a third boyfriend causes Ayoola to take action. £12.99

Collins, Bridget: The Binding. Borough Press. A first novel for adults. £12.99

Dymott, Elanor: Slack-Tide. Jonathan Cape.  A new novel from a respected author. £12.99

Foulds, Adam. Dream Sequence. Jonathan Cape. A new novel from a very highly regarded novellist and poet. £14.99

Gainza, Maria: Optic Nerve. Harvill Secker 2018.  The Argentinian narrator is obsessed by art. £14.99

Griffin, Anne: When All is Said. Sceptre. A lifetime is recalled over 5 drinks in a pub. £12.99

Lanchester, John: The Wall.  Faber. A sinister look into the near future about guarding the UK from "Others".  by coincidence, the main character is called Kavanaugh. £14.99

Maarouf, Mazen: Jokes for the Gunmen. Granta. A collection of powerful  stories from a vibrant new voice. £9.99

***Murakami, Haruki: Birthday Girl. Harvill Secker. A small booklet to celebrate the author's 70th birthday. £1.99

Obioma, Chigozie: An Orchestra of Minorities. Little, Brown. A second novel from a Booker shortlisted author. £14.99

***Pamuk, Orhan: The Innocence of Memories. Faber. The screenplay and  a conversation between Pamuk and the film's director. £14.99

de Vigan, Delphine: Loyalties. Bloomsbury. A short but powerful novel from a young French author. £12.99

***Vuillard. Eric: The Order of the Day. Picador. Winner of the 2017 Prix Goncourt. A novel relating to the build up of the Second World War.  £12.99

February 2019

***Aridjis, Chloe: Sea Monsters. Chatto & Windus. A novel set in 1980's Mexico City. £12.99

***Blackburn, Julia: Time Song - Searching for Doggerland. Jonathan Cape. The author looks  the now drowned ancient land between England and the Netherlands. £25.00

***Good, Anthony: Kill {redacted}. Atlantic. A grieving man seeks vengeance from politicians following a terrorist bomb. £14.99

***Gray, Alasdair: Of Me and Others. Canongate. A collection of autobiographical essays. £17.99

***Greenlaw, Lavinia: The Built Moment. Faber. The first collection of poetry since 2011. £14.99

***Hadley, Tessa: Late in the Day. Jonathan Cape. A new novel from one of the UK's most under-rated authors. £16.99

***James, Marlon: Black Leopard, Red Wolf (Dark Star Trilogy Book 1). Hamish Hamilton. A tracker tries to locate a lost boy. The first book in trilogy drawing on African history and mythology. £20.00

***Lapidos, Juliet: Talent. Borough Press. A bookbinder offers to help a PhD student.  £12.99

***Lasdun, James: Victory. Jonathan Cape. A pair of dramatic novellas. £14.99

***Li, Yiyun: Where Reasons End. Hamish Hamilton. A mother attempts to come to life with her son's suicide. £12.99

***Liardet, Frances: We Must be Brave. Fourth Estate. A suspected child abduction during WW2. £14.99

***Menasse, Robert: The Capital. Maclehose Press. A newly translated German best seller. £15.00

***Okri, Ben: The Freedom Artist. Head of Zeus. "Who is the Prisoner?" is enough for a woman to be disappeared. £14.99

***Schweblin, Samanta: Mouthful of Birds. Oneworld. A new collection of short stories from a young Argentinian writer recognised as being one of the best international authors of her generation. £12.99

***Sem-Sandberg, Steve: The Tempest. Faber. A dead father's papers raise all sorts of questions.  £12.99

***Slimani, Leila: Adele. Faber. The author's first novel, though the second to appear in English.  £12.99

***Sudbanthad, Pitchaya: Bangkok Wakes to Rain. Sceptre. A flood submerges the city.  £16.99

***Trotter, Alan: Muscle. Faber. A modern example of noir fiction.  £9.99

***Yakhina, Guzel: Zuleikha. Oneworld. A first novel set in the Tatar area of Russia in the violent and unstable 1930's. £14.99

***Woollett, Laura Elizabeth: Beautiful Revolutionary. Scribe. A fictionalisation of the Jonestown massacre. £12.99

March 2019

***Bhutto, Fatima: The Runaways. Viking. the author's fifth novel, and the first one for 5 years.£14.99

***Caesar, Ed: The Moth and the Mountain. Viking.  Almost on a whim, Maurice decides in 1933 to fly a Tiger Moth plane to Nepal and climb Everest. £16.99

***Copus, Julia: Girlhood. Faber. The author's fourth collection of poems. £14.99

***Doyle, Roddy: Charlie Savage. Jonathan Cape. A compilation of weekly pieces in the Irish Independent.  2019

***Jones, Sadie: The Snakes. Chatto & Windus. A complicated family story. £14.99

***Khalifa, Khaled: Death is Hard Work; Faber. A dying man states his wish to be buried in the centre of a war zone. £12.99

***Knausgaard, Karl Ove: So Much longing in so Little Space - the Art of Edvard Munch. Harvill Secker. The Norwegian author's book on the Norwegian artist. £12.99

***Lalami, Laila: The Other Americans. Bloomsbury. Mysteries surround the death of a pedestrian in a car accident. £16.99

***McCracken, Elizabeth: Bowlaway. Jonathan Cape. An enigmatic character who arrives from nowhere changes her Massachusett's community. £16.99

***Means, David: Instructions for a Funeral. Faber. A new collection of short stories. £12.99

***Meier, Richard: Search Party. Picador. The author's second collection of poetry. £10.99

***Mort, Helen: Black Car Burning. Chatto & Windus. The poet's first novel takes in Sheffield, rock-climbing and the Police. £12.99

***Oyeyemi, Helen: Gingerbread. Picador. Perdita grows up in a family surrounded by gingerbread.  £14.99

***Porter, Max: Lanny. Faber. The story of an English village, past and present. One resident is called Lanny. £12.99

***Smith, Ali: Spring. Hamish Hamilton. The third in the author's series of contemporary novels.  £16.99

April 2019

***Anava, Selja: Things that Fall from the Sky. Oneworld. Random events  affect everyday life. £12.99

***de Bernieres, Louis: Labels and Other Stories. Harvill Secker.  A collection of stories. £16.99

***Doshi, Tishani: Small Days and Nights. Bloomsbury. The award winning poet's second novel. £16.99

***Dunthorne, Joe: O Positive. Faber. A first full collection of poems from an established author.  £10.99

***Hammas, Isabella: The Parisian. Jonathan Cape. A novel set 100 years ago in Palestine. £14.99

***Koch, Herman: The Ditch. Picador. Is the Mayor of Amsterdam imagining what he sees, or is it real? £14.99

***Lethem, Jonathan: The Feral Detective. Atlantic. A loner detective hunts for a missing woman. £16.99

***McGuinness, Patrick: Throw me to the Wolves. Jonathan Cape. A powerful novel looking at the media's obsession with an eccentric loner's arrest for murder. £14.99

***Sissay, Lemn: My Name is Why. Canongate. The poet and broadcaster's autobiography. £16.99

***Thomas, Bev: A Good Enough Mother. Faber. A therapist's new client confronts personal issues. £12.99

***Thorpe, Adam: Words from the Wall. Jonathan Cape. The author's seventh collection of poetry. £10.00

***Ting-Kuo, Wang: My Enemy's Cherry Tree. Granta. A strange relationship between a cafe proprietor and a local business man. £12.99

May 2019

***Aramburu, Fernando: Homeland. Picador. First UK publication of a European best selling novel. £16.99

***Armitage, Simon: Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic. Faber. A collection of various "one-off" commission poems, most widely published for the first time.   £16.99

***Evaristo, Bernadine: Girl, Woman, Other. Hamish Hamilton. A novel featuring 12 women. £14.99

***Haddon, Mark: The Porpoise. Chatto & Windus. The story of a baby who was the sole survivor of a plane crash. £18.99

***Lee, Jing, Jing: How we Disappeared. Oneworld.  Memories of war time Singapore re-emerge a couple of generations later in London.  £12.99

***Macfarlane, Robert: Underland - A Deep Time Journey. Hamish Hamilton. The nature writer goes underground visiting tree roots and glaciers. £20.00

***Macneal, Elizabeth: The Doll Factory. Picador. A novel set during the 1850 Great Exhibition.  £12.99

***Nayeri, Dina: The Ungrateful Refugee. Canongate. An Iranian refugee relates her journey to being an award winning American writer. £16.99

***Newman, Sandra: The Heavens. Granta. Kate falls asleep in New York in 2000 and awakes in London in 1593.  £12.99

***Ramos, Joanne: The Farm. Bloomsbury. The farm in question is a luxury surrogate facility for the mega-rich. £12.99

June 2019

***Barry, Kevin: Night Boat to Tangier. Canongate. A pair of Irish gangsters waiting to catch the boat in Algeciras.  Price to be confirmed.

***Bernard, Jay: Surge: Chatto & Windus. A prize-winning poet's first full collection. £10.00

***Hoffman, Julian: Irreplaceable - The Fight to Save our Wild Places. Hamish Hamilton. How humans are destroying habitats. £20.00

***Kawakami, Hiromi: The Ten Loves of Mr. Nishino. Granta. Ten women relate their encounters with a ladies' man. £12.99

***O'Connor, Joseph: Shadowplay. Harvill Secker. Henry Irving, Ellen Terry and Bram Stoker are working together in 1878. A Victorian novel.  £14.99

***Roy, Arundhati: My Seditious Heart. Hamish Hamilton. A 1120 page collection of the author's essays. £30.00

***Slepikas, Alvydas: In the Shadow of Wolves. A novel set in Lithuania towards the end of the Second World War where the advancing Russian army is seen as more of a threat than the Nazis. Oneworld. £12.99

***Vuong, Ocean: On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous. Jonathan Cape. The award-wining poet's first novel. £12.99

***Williams, Hugo: Lines Off. Faber.  The poet's first collection for 5 years. £14.99

***Entries with asterisks indicate that these titles are being shown for the first time or for the first time in Part One or have been modified.

Part Three - Recent acquisitions of older titles. Note, non-core genre titles may not be found on the website, but are available on ABE at the time of writing.

Birks, Tony: Lucie Rie. Alphabooks; 1987. First edition, first printing. Fine in near fine, price clipped dustjacket. £60.00

Bowness, Alan (introduces): Barbara Hepworth - Drawings from a Sculptor's Landscape. Cory Adams & Mackay; 1966. First edition, first printing. Large format. Near fine in very good dustjacket with wear and a couple of tears to the top edge.  £80.00 x

Cork, David: David Bomberg. Tate 1988. First edition, first printing. An exhibition catalogue to accompany the Tate exhibition. Illustrated with many colour and black & white photographs.  Fine paperback original. £30.00

Fitzgerald, Edward (translates) Edmund, Dulac (illustrates):  Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Hodder & Stoughton; 1909. First edition, first printing thus. This is an un-numbered copy (actually number 0000) from a limited edition of 750 copies, though still signed by Edmund Dulac. 20 tissue-guarded colour plates present. Gilt top edge and untrimmed bottom and foredges. Gilt decoration to the full vellum (slightly soiled) front board and spine. Lacking the original ribbon. Near fine. £500.00

Fox, Caroline: Stanhope Forbes and the Newlyn School.  David & Charles; 1993. First edition, first printing. Fine in fine dustjacket. £45.00

Fujimoto, J: The Story of the Geisha Girl. T Werner Laurie; No date. First edition, first printing. Very good in fawn cloth boards. A bookplate designed by Paul Nash is affixed to the front pastedown. Numerous illustrations. Lacks dustjacket. £30.00

Hepburn, Nathaniel: Barbara Hepworth - The Hospital Drawings. Tate 2012. First edition, first printing. Large format paperback original. £25.00

MacDermot, E.T.: History of the Great Western Railway Volumes 1 (part 1), 1 (part 2) and 2. Great Western Railway Company; 1927 & 1931. First editions, first printings. Volumes 1 and 2, (Volume 1 being issued in 2 parts). Volume 1 1833-1863, volume  2 1863-1921. Each volume bound in brown cloth boards (volume 2 slightly darker) with gilt titles to the spine. Near fine with some foxing mostly restricted to the edges.  Lack dustjackets. £45.00

Nash, John: English Garden Flowers. Duckworth 1948. First edition, first printing. Near fine, with some foxing. Features a short article on 12 flowers from the artist's garden - each illustrated in colour.  Lacks dustjacket. £20.00

Welsh-Ovcharov,  Bogomila: Vincent van Gogh - The Lost  Arles Sketchbook. Abrams 2016. Assumed first edition, first printing. Publication of 65 previously unseen drawings. Large format in quarter cloth pictorial boards as published. Still sealed, so assumed fine. £55.00

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